Monday, 31 August 2015


We have been checking out this ‘rapture’ business. We found it IS IN the Bible, it IS IMMINENT, and it WILL HAPPEN BEFORE the Tribulation.
Our 7-part series began with...                                                             

So why do many Christian leaders scoff at this, destroying our hope of being with our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, at any moment? It's probably because they get their recognition and 'authority' from this evil world which is about to be overthrown.

I hope the presentation of this series has encouraged you. Don’t bother looking for the ubiquitous ‘DONATE NOW’ button - which you won’t find, just spread the word among friends and family. Satan would like nothing better than for us to relax under false teaching and fail to warn of the coming judgment.          

Below is a comparison to confirm for you the profound difference between the Rapture and Christ’s 2nd Advent.                                        
Notice that the saints will come WITH Him!                                       
1 Thess 3:13, Zech 14:5, Col 3:4, Jude 14, Rev 17:14,

For those who don’t love the Lord Jesus Christ, I’m afraid it’s… ‘Anathema Maranatha’

“Curse on you…He is coming anyway!”

2nd Advent
to the Church
to Israel
Prophesied in OT?
a mystery
as Day of the Lord
Focus is…
the true Church
no warning!
Christ comes…
to redeem
to judge then reign
Christ comes as…
the Bridegroom
King of kings, man of war
Christ comes to…
rescue His bride
present His bride
Christ comes to…
meet us in the air!
the Mount of Olives
Christ comes…
for His saints
with His saints
before Tribulation
end of Tribulation
Trumpet calls…
all believers from Earth
all ‘elect’ to Earth
Who calls?
Jesus Christ - Himself!
the angels
Private or public?
private - in the clouds
every eye shall see Him’
Who is gathered?
the true Church
Israel & the nations
Cause for…
hope, joy, comfort
much mourning
1st Resurrection
death of wicked
believers transformed
Creation restored
Saints taken…
to the Father’s house
to Earth
Relevance to Israel
a sign to Israel
rescue of Israel
Shock factor
greatest miracle since Creation
greatest earthquake in Middle East
Effect on Satan
in a great rage
bound for 1000 years
Leaves the nations…
under wrath
end of Grace era
beginning of Millennium

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  1. Please don't be deceived by sweet platitudes used as cover for false teaching based on wrong interpretations.
    You would have heard: "In essentials, unity / in non-essentials, liberty / in all other, charity"?
    Christianity was founded on 'the apostles' doctrine' (Acts 2:42) NOT on 'every wind of that teaching which is in the sleight of men...'
    The apostle Paul took a dim view of those who tried to deceive the Thessalonians over the Rapture.